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The Association aims to help to spread the work of Jean Guillou as a performer, improviser, composer, organ designer and writer.

To achieve this it collects, restores, makes backup records and produces new recordings that demonstrate the art of Jean Guillou.

Under his own label "AUGURE" it produces CDs that are published and sold
on this web-site (see sections "Last News" and "Recordings").

Other means of CD distribution will be activated and reported in due course.

To purchase the Augure’s CD, you can either:

• Place your Order using the "Contact" section of this web-site, or

• Send an e-mail directly to: or

• Write to: G. Del Nero,  AUGURE,  21 rue des Fossés St Jacques,  F-75005 PARIS, stating:

• the selected CD and quantity

• the full name of the recipient

• the delivery address.

We will answer by telling you the price and upon receipt of the check made payable to "Augure", your order will be shipped to the indicated address.

To facilitate international regulations, the following are the Augure bank codes you have to indicate to your bank: IBAN : FR76 3000 3021 3000 0506 5105 851 –  BIC : SOGEFRPP – Société Générale, agency Paris Gay-Lussac