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L’Orgue à Structure Variable




The organ

of the XXIst century

"Since its invention in the third century BCE, the pipe organ was with no doubt the instrument most subject to aesthetic and technical innovations: size, choice of timbres, kind of transmission, distribution of the pipes, presence or absence of the casework…have evolved depending from different musical languages and tastes, technical requirements, choice of materials, the structures of the locations ... However, if one perfectly knows the classical organ, than the romantic organ and the  symphonic one, there are curiously very few instruments that, despite the technical means provided by our time, could be described as "Organ of the Twentieth Century"!

(Jean Guillou : The Organ, Remembrance and Future)

A tradition can die by repeating itself. The real tradition is made of inventions that meet the audacity of its origins. Therefore the twenty-first century organ has to be built! It is questionable if, in our time, it is reasonable to devote millions of Euros or Dollars to build "old" instruments that no longer touch an audience increasingly reduced. If the pipe organ has to continue to grow, it must meet two requirements:

• have the qualities of a great organ, built according to the knowledge of the tradition;

• respond to a new aesthetic, including its mobility and possibility of installation in any possible site.