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A legendary figure in the musical world of our time, Jean Guillou, for more than half a century titular of the Grandes-Orgues of Saint-Eustache in Paris, has left an important musical oeuvre to posterity. His particularly abundant discography is living testimony to this.

A visionary, he designed several remarkable instruments (Alpe d’Huez, Tonhalle in Zurich, Chant d’Oiseau in Brussels, Naples Conservatory, Church of the Portuguese in Rome, León Cathedral and, in collaboration with Blancafort, the Tenerife Auditorium) built by great organ builders such as Kleuker, Tamburini, Blancafort and Klais.

With the publication of his book ‘L’Orgue, Souvenir et Avenir’ (Symétrie, 2010) he emerged as a leading figure in the field of organ theory and design. This work has been joined by ‘La Musique et le Geste’ and ‘Esprit de suite’, as well as ‘Le Visiteur’, his collection of poems that introduces us to the poet, another of his many facets.


Ancre 1

Photo credit WP Gross 

JEAN GUILLOU (1930 – 2019)

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